Organic Compost Supplier


Pavement Materials Group is South Africa’s leading supplier of Organic and gypsum enhanced Compost to most of the nurseries and landscaping contractors. With recycling and organic Farms around the country, Pavement Materials Group is capable of bulk supplying Organic Compost direct to your site at an affordable, quality Service none can match.

Our Organic Compost

Pavement Materials Group produces certified organic Compost. With a passion for quality and building a sustainable environment, we produce Organic compost which adheres to global standards ensuring a product that does not contaminate the environment. Our Organic Compost is tested for bacterial contamination, nutrient levels, insecticide/ pesticide contaminant levels and, of recent note, for radiation levels.

Why Choose our Compost

  • Our compost is Ideal for garden beds, vegetable patches and as a lawn dressing.
  • Weed free mixture of compost and organic matter.Perfect for all garden beds and vegetables gardens
  • Gypsum lime (calcium sulphate) has been added to our organic compost
  • Compacted dense soils respond well to Gypsum enhanced compost.
  • Our Gypsum enhanced Compost is considered a universal soil amendment, improving aeration + water filtration into the soil.
  • Our Gypsum Enhanced Compost increases PH levels in acidic soils and aids seed emergence.
  • Our Gypsum enhanced Compost prevents surface crusting of soil and conserves nitrogen
Available from 1 cubic to 100 Cubic Loads, Pavement Materials Group is able to supply and export Compost nationally and across the borders.

Our Compost is suitable for organic mixes that includes

Garden Mix
Lawn Dressing
Topsoil Mix
Mushroom Medium