Over a decade of engineering excellence

For more than 10 years, Pavement Materials Group has demonstrated its ability to anticipate and adapt to changing market trends and customer expectations. Through international expansion and continuous development of our expertise and know-how, Pavement Materials Group has evolved into a world-class engineering group.

major milestones in pavement materials group’s history

Pavement Materials, an engineering and construction company, is established in Cape Town, South Africa with a workforce of 9 people with one goal in mind, providing high quality civil construction materials to support the engineering sector in South Africa.

First series of successful major commercial contracts awarded for supply of Road Materials, and Concrete Products for the refurbishment and maintenance of public roads within the City of Cape Town. Projects included R300 upgrade, and N7 roadworks near Atlantis. In the same year, the company was appointed contractor for the Roger’s Aviation Asphalt Airstrip construction near Malmesbury.
Pavement Materials establishes offices in Johannesburg and Mauritius, making it a regional and international company. SA Bitumen Supplies Pty Ltd, a subsidiary specialising in the manufacturing, supply and installation of Asphalt and Bitumen Products in Africa is established.

During this period, African Landscaping Supplies Pty Ltd and Allied Aggregates Pty Ltd – two firms were created to acquire interests in specialized Organics Production, mining, crushing and polishing of construction and landscaping Aggregates.
SA Bitumen Supplies finalizes research, development and market introduction of its Labor Based Surfacing Technology for Asphalt with the commercialisation of manufacturing HPC Premix Asphalt, a packaged High Performance Carbon Asphalt product that has gained market share in the civil and infrastructure sector worldwide. A Hot Mixed High Performance Tank Foundation Bitumen Sand Product was also commercialized in the same year.
The Company successfully restructures, putting all its entities under one group, with a shared service center management office relocating to Midrand, Johannesburg. The Pavement Materials Group was born and expanded its global presence and opens operating centers in Senegal, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Uganda, Tanzania and Scotland The Group opened a steel works workshop in Johannesburg for twisting and design of erosion control and decorative Gabion Baskets and River Mattresses.
Pavement Materials Group, acquires full control of DuraPhalt FZE, gaining needed exposure to the Middle East and Asian markets together with access to reliable bulk supplies of oxidized bitumen, specialized cutback bitumen, colored asphalt, waterproofing asphalt and other penetration grade bitumen not readily available in Africa.

The unified group is now one of the top companies in Africa in engineering, technologies and services for the road construction, mining, Landscaping, Engineering and real estate industry. Many major contracts were signed, notably with six of South Africa’s top civil engineering and construction companies to Supply Bitumen, Emulsions, Concrete Products and Repair Road as well as Export Projects for Mines in Ghana, Zambia. Specialist products including Tank Base Foundation Mastic and Oxidized Bitumen are introduced to the African and overseas Market.