Road and Driveway Surfacing


Pavement Materials Group is Southern Africa’s leading diversified surfacing contractor, providing Asphalt Tar Surfacing, Cement and Clay Brick Paving, Concrete Paving and Surface sealing and rejuvenation services to the civil and residential market at affordable prices and using quality guaranteed products.

From pothole repair and speed humps to road construction and Parking platform construction, we are trusted by our clients to complete any size project be it domestic, commercial or industrial.

Our Asphalt tar surfacing and brick paving solutions

Asphalt and Tar Surfacing
Pavement Materials Group specializes in all sized commercial and residential Asphalt Tar Surfacing and paving projects. We approach each job with craftsmanship and attention to detail. Whether it be a Tar overlay, new Tar construction, or Tar repair, Pavement Materials Group has the expertise to see the job through from start to finish. We are specialists in new road construction, driveway tar surfacing, car park tar surfacing, and industrial platform surfacing.
Asphalt and Tar Repairs
With time newly applied Tar surfaces begin to wear and break down as they are repeatedly exposed to elements such as water, sunlight, and chemicals. The liquid Tar that binds the materials together begins to lose its natural resistance to water, allowing it to penetrate beneath the surface. Pavement Materials Group offers Asphalt and Tar Repairs that do not only improve the look and feel of your old Asphalt Tar Surfaces but rejuvenates the surface and extends your surface life by 5 to 10 years.
Asphalt Tar Crack Sealing

Cracks left unsealed in Tar pavement allow water to penetrate the surface. This in turn weakens the pavement structure and leads to failures in both the pavement and base beneath it. Once this occurs only extensive and costly repairs can fix the problem. PMG provides unmatched crack sealing services for both commercial, industrial and domestic Asphalt Tar Surfaces.

Asphalt Tar Sealcoating
Protecting your Tar investment from deterioration is the key to keeping an attractive looking parking lot or driveway. Sealcoating with Pavement Materials Group is the best and most cost efficient way to avoid expensive repairs due to pavement failures
Asphalt Tar Overlays
When existing Tar surface is cracked and damaged, Tar overlays can be an effective alternative to complete reconstruction. PMG will stabilize and repair existing pavement where needed and overlay it with a beautiful new Tar surface. We can perform Tar overlays on small to large commercial lots and driveways.
Clay Brick Paving and Surfacing
Pavement Materials Group is a specialist distributor and installer of most of the trusted clay brick paver brands in Southern Africa. With in-house pavement engineers, Pavement Materials Group is able to deliver custom made clay brick paving projects with technical expertise no other company can emulate..

With unlimited color, texture, and shape selection, Pavement Materials Group’s paving range includes:
Cement Brick Paving and Surfacing
Using only SABS Approved Cement Paving bricks, Pavement Materials Group designs and installs Quality and aesthetically pleasing cement brick pavement surfaces in patterns and structures that suites the requirement of commercial, industrial, and domestic needs.

With unlimited color, texture, and shape selection, Pavement Materials Group’s paving range includes:

  • Exposed Aggregate Cement brick Paving
  • Cobble Paving
  • Concrete Slab Paving
Cement Brick Paving and Surfacing
At the forefront of our low maintenance surfacing offerings is our exposed aggregate concrete surfacing and paving solutions. Pavement Materials Group is a trusted installer of exposed aggregate concrete pavement surfaces. At Pavement Materials Group, we are able to supply and install exposed aggregate concrete surfaces and pavements with a wide variety of stone finishing textures, colors, and aggregate sizes.