Road Asphalt Tar Surfacing


Pavement Materials Group’s is Southern Africa’s leading diversified surfacing contractor, providing Asphalt Tar Surfacing, for mining roads, agricultural roads, commercial roads, public roads and industrial asphalt road surfaces.

With a dedicated team of qualified road surfacing engineers, own operated tar plants and a strong partnership with quality approved partner tar plants across the region, we are able to deliver quality asphalt road surfacing projects nationwide and across the borders.

Whatever your needs, we can provide you with the complete Tar Surfacing package

Being Road Tar Asphalt Surfacing specialists in agricultural, mining, aviation and private and domestic roads, Pavement Materials Group have the capacity to construct new roads, offering a variety of surfaces to suit every requirement. From durable heavy duty asphalt tar surface and asphalt able to withstand heavy traffic usage, to the more decorative smooth and coloured asphalt tar finishes associated with the usage requirements of the pavement.

At Pavement Materials Group we are fully equipped with an extensive range of modern equipment, to undertake all types of work from hand to machine laid, right through to larger contracts.

Our Road Asphalt Surfacing Specialties

Pavement Materials Group specializes in the supply, delivery and installation Asphalt tar Surfacing pavements for both the domestic, commercial, industrial and public road systems.

  • National and Provincial Roads Asphalt Tar Surfacing
  • Mining Haul Roads Surfacing and bituminous dust suppression
  • Private Roads Asphalt Tar Surfacing
  • Agricultural tracks and roads asphalt tar surfacing
  • Aviation airstrips, aerodromes and airports tar surfacing
  • Road Surface Asphalt Crack Sealing
  • Road Asphalt Surface Slurry sealing
  • Road Surface Asphalt Repairs
  • Road Surface Asphalt Pothole fixing and repairs
  • Road Asphalt Surface Rejuvenation.

All our Asphalt Tar Surfacing projects are done with quality SABS and BES Approved Hot Mix Asphalt products designed to meet local and international standards for road surfacing, offering you peace of mind and a durable quality guaranteed Asphalt Tar Surfacing Product.