Our Tank Base Bitumen Sand Mastic for Foundations

Pavement Materials Group manufactures and supplies a patented Tank Base Bitumen Mastic (Sand Mixture) to the pipework and tanking industry in Africa and abroad.

Designed with the end user in mind, our tried and tested tank foundation bitumen mastic gives you peace of mind and ensures total protection of your assets and their content.

The mix design of our tank foundation mastic includes filler, grit, bitumen and cementitious components that are mixed with carefully selected crusher sands and binders to make a ready to use continuous bitumen sand mixture cushion for tank foundations and pipe protection layers.
Unlimited Reasons to install a protective foundation for your tanks and pipes
Pavement Materials Group manufactures and supply Tank Foundation Bitumen Sand Mastic either as a Hot Mix delivered direct to your project, or cold mix is 25kg and 1ton bulk bags.

Weatherproof & Waterproof - Prevents ingress of water and provides long term corrosion protection.

Seamless Encapsulant – Seals around irregular contours

Microporous – Allows trapped moisture to escape

Cold Applied – No hot work required ensuring safety in use where fire is a

Maintains High Adhesion – Ensuring long service life

Flexible & UV Resistant – Long lasting and tolerant of movement through climatic variations unlike conventional sealants

Durable & Tough – Long lasting and tolerant of industrial environments

HPC Tank Foundation Mastic Mix Design

Washed Grit (<0.45mm)


Bitumen 60/70 or MC300

6 %

Mineral Filler


Latex modified extenders

4 %

What makes our Tank Foundation Bitumen layer mixture Special?

Modified Rubber with Latex extenders maintains flexibility of the installed pavement, allowing it to expand and contract together with tank base in cold and hot weather, avoiding lateral cracking.
Specially graded grit allows optimum air voids , improving breathability.

Mineral filler with cementitious components adds waterproofing, durability and UV resistance of the product, protecting it from corrosion attack.

The Tank Foundation Bitumen Sand Mastic can be supplied hot, direct from the plant or cold packed with an extended shelf life of up to six months packed.