Driveway brick Paving


Pavement Materials Group is Southern Africa’s leading diversified surfacing contractor, providing Cement brick paving, clay brick paving , cobble paving, slab paving and exposed aggregates paving for mining roads, agricultural roads, commercial roads, public roads and industrial pavements and residential driveways.

With a dedicated team of qualified road , pavement and driveway paving artisans, and a strong partnership with SABS quality approved partner paving brick manufacturers across the region, we are able to deliver quality cement brick , cobbles , clay brick , slabs and exposed aggregates paving projects nationwide and across the borders.


Pavement Materials Group is an industry leading installer of commercial, industrial hard wearing and residential/Domestic cement brick, clay brick, cobble and slab paving for areas requiring extreme vehicular and machine traffic like factory yards, air strips and roads as well as decorative finishes for driveways, Parking Yards and Pavements..

At Pavement Materials Group we are fully equipped with an extensive range of modern equipment, to undertake all types of work from hand to machine laid, right through to larger contracts.

Our Cement Brick, Clay Brick & Cobble Paving Specialties

Pavement Materials Group specializes in the supply, delivery and installation brick and cobble pavements for both the domestic, commercial, industrial and public pavement systems.
  • Car Parks and Parking Yards Paving
  • Private Roads Paving
  • Driveway Paving
  • Agricultural tracks and roads Paving
  • Aviation airstrips, aerodromes and airports Paving
  • Pool Paving
  • Patio Paving
  • Driveways Paving
  • Sidewalks Paving
  • Walkways Paving
  • Garden Paths Paving
  • Courtyards Paving
  • Warehouses and Factories Paving
  All our Paving Projects are done with quality SABS Approved Cement and Clay Paving Bricks, Cobbles and Slabs designed to meet local and international standards for pavement surfacing, offering you peace of mind and a durable quality guaranteed Brick Paving Product.

Our Brick Types

Sourced from registered quality approved manufacturers, Pavement Materials Group is able to install the widest range of pavement finishes for your project, including:
  • Interlocking Cement brick Paving , 50mm and industrial 80mm
  • Bevel Bond Pavers 50mm and 80mm Industrial
  • Clay brick Pavers
  • Exposed Aggregate Interlocking Brick Paving
  • Exposed Aggregate Concrete Slab Paving
  • Cement brick Bond Paving
  • Natural Stone Cobbles Paving
  • Cement Cobbles Paving