Top Soil and Lawn Dressing Mixes


Pavement Materials Group is a market leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of carefully selected Top Soil, Lawn Dressing, Potting Soil and Soil Mixes. Our Top Soil , Lawn dressing, Potting mix and soil mixes are a preferred medium for the largest landscaping and gardening contractors nationally.

We have supplied our Top Soil , Lawn dressing, Potting mix and soil mixes to most of the national gardens nationally. Well known for its consistent grading, texture and quality, Our Top Soil , Lawn dressing, Potting mix and soil mixes are a preferred moisture retaining and soil enhancing medium for gardeners.
  • Topsoils are used to lift and raise or level areas in ones garden. Wherever there any changes on a property due to building alterations or where soil has been washed away by excess rain and when shaping a new garden.
  • Topsoil mixed with compost makes an excellent potting soil , it is heavier than your bark based potting soils and preferred by many for large ornamental pots and planters and flower boxes.
  • Topsoil makes an excellent lawn dressing on its own or mixed with compost. This should be used on lawn whenever levelling out of the lawn is required
Lawn Dressing
A 50% organic compost / 50% top soil mix, sifted. The topsoil takes care of undulation in the lawn and the compost acts as a booster for grass growth. This product is also excellent for the establishment of ready to plant flower beds.
Lawn Dressing consists of topsoil and organic compost mixed to an Ideal ratio and finely sifted
How to use Lawn Dressing
  • Spike the lawn with a roller spike or if the lawn area is not too big a garden fork works just as well.
  • A depth of 100mm is sufficient.
  • Apply the lawn dressing to a depth of 10mm,a deeper depth when you need to level certain areas.
  • Pass a roller over the lawn and you will be able to see where certain areas are uneven and you can apply more lawn dressing there.
  • After all your levels are correct, give a very high volume initial irrigation to soak through the lawn dressing right through to the root system of the lawn.
  • Thereafter keep the lawn moist, the more you irrigate the quicker the lawn will grow especially in spring and summer months.