Silica Products

Supplying a wide range of Quality Silica products for leisure, water filtration, sand blasting, rail traction, paints and adhesives

Pavement Materials Group is a leading supplier of various silica grades and types in South Africa. We are a leading supplier of rail traction silica , silica for golf bunkers , equestrian silica for horse arenas , silica flour, USGA Certification Sand, Leisure and Sporting Graded Silica Sand for Golf courses and bunkers and beach volleyball as well as fine filter, course filter and filter pebbles for water filtration and purification systems in South Africa and abroad.

Our Silica Specifications















Water filtration Silica Sands, Pebbles and Grits

Pavement Materials Group supplies graded silica and quartz sands for filtration, and water purification systems.

Our Filtration sand offerings include:

Fine Filter Sand
  • 0.3mm Slow filter
  • 0.5mm Fine filter
  • 0.6mm Fine filter
  • 0.7mm Fine filter
Coarse Filter
  • 0,8mm Coarse Filter
  • 0,95mm Coarse Filter
  • 1,1mm Coarse Filter
  • 1,3mm Coarse Filter
Filter Grits
  • 2 – 4mm Grit
  • 3 – 5mm Grit
  • 5 – 7mm Grit
Filter Pebbles
  • 5-7mm Pebble
  • 6-12mm Pebble
  • 12 – 25mm Pebble
  • – 45mm Pebble
We supply all our water filtration silica products packed in 20kg, 40kg, 1 Ton bulk bags as well as bulk loads.


Pavement Materials Group is a premium supplier and exporter of certified and approved leisure silica sands. Our leisure silica sands have been used globally on international sporting events.

Marketed and distributed through our subsidiaries in Dubai, USA, Malaysia, Mauritius and New Zealand , we have supplied on average 6000 metric tonnes annually of sporting and leisure sands.
Being a leading supplier and exporter of USGA specification sand for golf courses and bunkers, Pavement Materials Group is a preferred supplier of graded silica sands for regional and international sporting events.

We supply and export USGA Specification Silica Sands to most Golf Courses within South Africa and abroad for their green’s, bunker, etc.

Our Leisure and Sporting Sands Offering:

Sports Silica Graded Sands
  • 0,5mm Beach Volleyball
  • Sand
  • USGA Specification Sand
  • Bunker Sand
  • 2 – 4mm Intermediate Layer
  • 3 – 7mm Intermediate Layer
  • Bowling Green Mix
Leisure Sands
  • Playpen Sand
  • Astro Turf silica sand

Glass, Paints and Adhesives and Industrial Silica Products

Pavement Materials Group, is one of few African Silica Milling companies, capable of production and supply of up to Mesh 350 of Silica Flour. Armed with this technical ability, we are able to meet your silica fines requirements, available in 50kg bags and 1 Ton Bulk Bags at short notice and the most competitive prices.

Our Silica Flour and Fines offering includes:

  • Silica for drilling mud
  • Silica for slimes dam filtration
  • Silica for fertilize, koi ponds
  • Silica for Aquariums
  • Silica for Grout; tile adhesive; and hand cleaners
  • Silica for Roof tiles; foundry moulds

Silica Flour, Mesh 150, 200 and 325

Our Silica Flour is used in refractory industries, plastics, paints and other coatings, adhesives, glass fiber, rubber, coloring powders, sandblasting, polishing media,ceramics, porcelain, abrasives and polishing agents, blasting agents, glass, and decorative plasters.
Sand Blasting and Rail (Locomotive) Track Traction Silica Products
With hardness of 7 on the mohs scale of mineral hardness, specialized grades of silica grit are used for rail traction and sandblasting purposes. At Pavement Materials Group, we screen, classify and pack Sand Blasting Silica and Rail Traction Materials.
Trackfine™ T10 Locomotive Traction Media
Pavement Materials Group are the proprietary owners of Trackfine Rail Traction Sand, a specialty screened and classified grit used as braking and traction Sand in the railway industry. Available in size range of 0.2mm – 1.4 mm.
Approved by 80% of African Rail Operators and a standard for most export markets,Trackfine rail traction sand offers unparalleled advantages over other locomotive sands in the market.
Trackfine™ Locomotive Sand Advantages:
  • Perfect sizing with very low dust content.
  • Bone dry for free flowing and optimal dispersion on rail surface, up to 2kg/minute flow rates
  • Product shelf life greater than 10 years
  • Trackfine™ meets and exceeds the requirements of A – 916–51 AAR (American Association of Railroads) standard in terms of granulometry , solubility and non- caking properties (Agglomeration).
  • Reduces wheel wear and the associated high costs
  • At 99% silica and a hardness coefficient of 7,the grit offers the best fracture resistance.
  • Its optimally angular grains ensure maximum traction in both acceleration and braking phases.
  • Its high level of hardness and tolerance to extreme heat translate into high impact resistance under wheels for maximum efficiency under all kinds of conditions
Blastfine™ Sand Blasting Abrasive
Pavement Materials Group are the proprietary owners of Blastfine™ blasting abrasive, a specialty screened and classified grit used as sand blasting media where hard wearing, dust free and expendable abrasives are required for on-site abrasive blasting in shipyards, steel construction, oil refineries, power stations, offshore oil rigs and any blasting yard designed for diverse and flexible applications. The product is specially graded to optimise production whilst achieving designated surface preparation standards according to industry norms.
Blastfine™ range of Sand Blasting Abrasives
We grade and supply fine, medium and coarse abbrasives for a wide variety of uses.

Grade: B110/140, Size range: 0.5 – 2.5 mm, Profile range: 110 – 140 microns
Grade: B70/110, Size range: 0.2 – 1.4 mm, Profile range: 70 – 110 microns
Grade: B50/75, Size range: 0.1 – 1 mm, Profile range: 50 – 75 microns