Tumbled and Natural Pebbles

Supplying a wide range of Quality Polished, tumbled and Natural River pebbles.

Pavement Materials Group is a leading supplier of polished and natural pebbles to the landscaping industry in South Africa. With industrial tumbling machines that can produce up to 100 tonnes of tumbled pebbles per day, we are the most preferred supplier of natural and tumbled pebble stone.

With our owner managed and partner operated Quartzite , Dolomite , Sandstone, Limestone and Marble Quarries across the country, we are able to provide an unmatched pricing and delivery schedule of selected colored pebbles on time to your project site.

Our natural stone pebbles are handpicked and carefully selected and bagged for both the local and export market.
Our major Tumbled and Natural Pebble Types

* White River Pebbles
* Tumbled Dolomite Black pebbles
* Tumbled Granite Grey pebbles
* Tumbled Marble Stone pebbles
* Tumbled Sandstone brown pebbles
* Natural brown Pebbles
* Desert Stone Tumbled Pebbles

Major Uses of our pebbles

* Roofing stone dressing
* Landscaping
* Stone Pitching
* Decorative flower beds
* In-house pebble rockeries
* Artistic drawings
* Wedding pebbles

We supply our Pebbles in bulk loose loads and bagged products. Pavement Materials Group is the market leader in exportation of bagged tumbled and natural stone pebbles for the civil and real estate sectors in Africa and beyond.

With bagging and screening facilities strategically located in port areas of Africa, we are able to cost efficiently supply our products FOB and Ex_Works for your convenience.
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Our Polished, Tumbled and Natural Pebbles Color Ranges