Our Financial, Social and Environmental Responsibilities


Ethics at PAvement matertials Group

As Pavement Materials Group’s we understand that our reputation is fundamental to our long-term success. Deuces Group is a values driven organisation that is built upon a solid foundation of:
  • People
  • Excellence
  • Transformation
  • Customer Focus
  • Integrity
  • Innovation
  • Performance
  • .
These values, which are consistently applied across the Pavement Materials Group form the basis of:
  • What we stand for
  • What is important to us
  • The way we conduct business

Socio Economic Development at Pavement Materials Group.

The Group’s Socio Economic Development Program has three key focus areas:

* Community Development and Poverty reduction: with a particular focus on empowering SMEs and community based projects by supplying them with the means and training to generate income.

* Social development: through donations made towards community development initiatives mainly through nonprofit/non-governmental organizations for various cause related programs and disaster relief.

* Economic development: with particular emphasis on the promotion of sustainable employment for marginalized and unskilled groups such as women and the youth.

Safety, Health, Environment and Quality (SHEQ)

Pavement Materials Group’s updated safety, health and environment policy clearly states that the group aspires to zero harm in terms of people, host communities and the environment. Although the group operates in countries with differing governance standards, we enforce a standard approach to SHEQ and will not compromise our standards of conduct when operating in countries with lower requirements.

Pavement Materials Group, being a construction and engineering company involved in continuous high risk activities, aspires to zero harm towards its employees, sub-contractors, visitors, direct communities and the environment. We further acknowledge the legal and moral obligations towards the safe guarding of each by actively demonstrating our commitment through active leadership whilst not compromising our standards of conduct when operating in countries with lower requirements. With the Group operating in countries with differing governance standards and cultures, a reputable zero harm health and safety framework developed and implemented provides guidance to our operations on delivering our health and safety commitment throughout. Our effective “Stop for Safety” programme continues to drive the desired behaviour towards personal safety. Our well documented management system outlines how to manage these risks effectively within the stages of the project management lifecycle thereby reducing risk as far as reasonably practical. Increasing and removing communication barriers remains of critical importance for achieving and maintaining “Zero Harm”.

Regulatory and Compliance

The Pavement Materials Group regulatory universe is continuously reviewed, where necessary the required remedial action is implemented. Our regulatory requirements are also benchmarked against sector specific best practices. This results in a proactive and cohesive management of our relationships with all our Regulators.

Pavement Materials Group prides itself in pro-active compliance management. All legislation is continuously identified and assessed for applicability to the Pavement Materials Group business model, in all jurisdictions where we have a business footprint. Pieces of deemed applicable legislation are assessed and risk rated. Where required controls are implemented, in order to mitigate exposing the group to fines, penalties and other criminal sanction. With the implementation of the group’s revised compliance methodology management is now able to evaluate the group’s compliance performance in more detail, identified deficiencies and implement remedial action efficiently and effectively.